Anger Management Program at Bach Counseling

If you wish to attend the free, no obligation class of the Anger Management Program on:

March 18, 2019
May 20, 2019
August 5, 2019
October 14, 2019
January 6, 2020

All classes take place at 6:00pm

Please let us know by completing and returning the enclosed Registration form (please specify on the form which date class date you wish to attend). This will allow us to call to remind you before the first class and notify you if the schedule changes. You may, however, attend the first session even if you do not return the Registration form. 

The following will help you decide if you wish to attend: 

  • The Program consists of eight classes of between sixty and ninety minutes each.

  • The first class is free. At this class you will:

    • Be introduced to the basic ideas and skills for managing your anger

    • Have the opportunity to decide if you wish to attend future classes

  • If you choose to attend future classes, the cost is $35 per class for the next seven classes (a total of$245 for all eight classes, first class is free).

  • The Program teaches skills to decrease anger and avoid aggression, practice these skills in classes and in real-life situations between classes, and have the opportunity to receive coaching to help you make the most effective use of these skills. Topics include:

    • How to be less angry and less aggressive simply by paying attention.

    • How to notice your anger warning signs and what to do when you notice them.

    • Relaxation techniques to decrease and avoid anger.

    • How to avoid anger by substituting calming thoughts for anger thoughts.

    • Why and how to take a break when you are angry.

    • Avoiding, decreasing, and resolving conflict by communicating effectively.

  • If you are unsure if the Program is for you, you may:

    • Attend the free first session

    • Call the instructor, Mahala Bach (605) 431.4106, who will help you decide

Mahal Bach of Bach Counseling

Instructions to register for and attend the Anger Management Program

Angry Woman attends Anger Management Class at Bach Counseling
  1. Complete the Registration Form below.
    A. On the form, indicate whether when we call to remind you of the start date, we may leave a message either on voice mail or with a person who answers.

  2. Return the Registration Form to us.
    A. Either mail it in the enclosed envelope
    B. Or deliver it to the above address

  3. This will register you for the Program starting on the date you selected

  4. You may attend the first session even if you do not return the Registration form.

  5. Come to the Bach Counseling office at 6:00pm in Rapid City on your scheduled date.
    A. Plan to arrive at least ten minutes before the 6 pm start time.
    B. Check in at the Reception Desk.
    C. Remember that the first class is free and you are under no obligation to attend future classes

Class Participation Form